Fire & Safety

Redwood Estates Roads and Fire Safety

With a Santa Cruz Mountain wildfire too close for comfort in past years, vegetation and overgrowth that has not burned since before 1900, and some insurance companies refusing to renew fire insurance, Redwood Estates needs to become more proactive toward safety awareness. Each year, extreme fire danger threatens much of our nation. California has learned to expect the worst. During major fire emergencies, fire departments cooperate across the state via Mutual Aid agreements, borrowing personnel and equipment from each other, but multiple fires quickly deplete resources.

Because Redwood Estates is isolated and has limited resources, the reality is that all of us must be prepared to depend on ourselves and help our neighbors in the event of a disaster. It is imperative that, every year during high-risk fire weather, each resident of Redwood Estates accepts personal responsibility for fire safety and prevention.

1. Be proactive.
2. Create defensible space with your neighbors.
3. Create a neighborhood road/fire safety group.
4. Think embers.
5. Plan.
6. Do not try to enter the area.
7. Take only one vehicle.
8. Do not try to exit with camping trailers or RVs.

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Help inform CA wildfire policies: Participate in a Wildfire Risk Mitigation Study. Researchers from SJSU's Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center need your help in providing feedback on your experiences navigating wildfire risk management on private property. Download the SJSU_Wildfire mitigation research_Home Ignition Zone PDF for more information and to sign up.