Agenda for December 16, 2020 board meeting

7:30 Determination of Quorum

7:35  Approval of Agenda

7:40 Approval of November 18 meeting minutes

7:45 President’s Report – President Rick Swayne
2021 Budget

8:00 Treasurer’s Report – David Hubbard 

8:15 FireWise Report – David Hubbard

8:30 Operations Manager’s Report – Jeff Bates
Office Manager’s Report – Mona Raby 

8:45 New Business/Public Comment 
Web submitted community questions

9:00 Old Business

9:15 Adjourn

Shelter in Yard

SHELTER in YARD is the Santa Clara County FireSafe Council’s new non-gathering compliant program to encourage residents to create defensible space for their homes while they are sheltering in place. Click here for information, pictures, diagrams, descriptions and other resources to help you know what work to get done in your yard while staying at home.


2020 Board Elected

The in-person annual meeting was canceled due to recommendations from Santa Clara County during the COVID-19 situation and precautions were taken. The voting, however, continued. We achieved quorum with 352.53 votes received (we needed 258.41 or 20% of voting members).

Congratulations to 2020 board members David Hubbard and Philip Warnecke!

Your Board of Directors serving from 3-15-2020 until the annual meeting in March 2021 are Rick Swayne, Chris Goldsbury, David Hubbard, Philip Warnecke, and Philip Schuyler.

2020 Annual Meeting Cancelled—Please Vote

March 12 Announcement

The Annual Meeting of the Members scheduled for this Sunday, March 15, 2020, has been cancelled due to recommendations from the Santa Clara County Public Health Department’s concerns about the recent COVID-19 epidemic. 

Please Vote

Although the meeting is cancelled, it is important that you vote and submit your ballots for the two open Board positions. RESA must receive your signed ballot to ensure we achieve voter quorum. If votes are not met, we must resend the voting package to each member of Redwood Estates. 

Please sign, seal and deliver your ballot either to the RESA office mailbox, or mail them to the Inspector of Elections, P.O. Box 433, Redwood Estates CA, 95044.

Thank you.