Agenda for May 20 board meeting

7:30 Determination of Quorum

7:35 Approval of Agenda

7:40 Approval of Minutes of meeting April 15, 2015

7:50 President’s Report – Lisa Sgarlato

8:05 Treasurer’s Report – Philip Schuyler

  • Pool Remodel Fundraising

8:15 Operations Manager’s Report – Jeff Bates

  • Office Manager’s Report – Mona Raby

8:35 New Business/Public Comment

8:45 Old Business

  • Moody Gulch

9:00 Adjourn


One thought on “Agenda for May 20 board meeting

  1. Just one message for the board regarding the vote on shares versus votes…… When did anyone ever see a vote with minority shareholders that own less shares against majority share holders? Never! So; if Donald Trump owned 51% of a company stock would you ever see a vote of 49 people that owned 1% each to tell Mr. Trump that he only gets one vote no because that would create a huge lawsuit from Mr. Trump.

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