The RESA Board is considering selling a portion of the upper ten acres of RESA property, consisting of 38,935 square feet (.893 acres) for $245,000 to the San Jose Water Company. The lot location is along Summit Road before the entrance to Redwood Estates at Virdelle Drive and Woolaroc Drive, where the existing green 100,000 gallon tank is located.


The purpose of the sale is to allow San Jose Water Company to provide service improvements to Redwood Estates in:

  • increased water pressure to portions of Redwood Estates
  • improved water quality
  • system reliability
  • 700,000 gallons of additional water storage capacity for better-quality drinking water
  • significantly increased water capacity with which to fight wildfires

Pending the purchase of the lot, SJWC is planning to construct two additional 350,000-gallon tanks (each additional tank being 56’ in diameter and 30’ in height, and painted dark green), a new pressure system, generator, and disinfectant residual injection system at the site. Surrounding these tanks and outbuildings will be a six-foot-tall fence with barbed wire, similar to the fence at the Pavilion tank. This fence will be chain link with green vertical slats and will run parallel to Summit Road for 350 feet. It will be set back from the road 30 feet. The existing 100,000-gallon tank would remain in service.

Retired reservoirs

SJWC will retire two existing in-ground 100,000-gallon water reservoirs (Bayview Drive / Summit Road and Bayview Drive / McLuckie Lane) once the tank farm site upgrades are complete.


Moving forward on this sale will allow SJWC to make the following improvements to our water system.

  • Install two 350,000 gallon tanks and a pressure system at the tank farm (Summit Road lot under consideration)
  • Replace Beatrice Station Reservoir with a new tank at Beatrice Circle
  • Replace Locust Station Reservoir with a new tank at Locust Station
  • Replace approximately 12,000 linear feet of pipelines within Redwood Estates
  • Provide 40 to 125 PSI service pressure to each residential service
  • Minimum fire flow of 1,000 GPM for 2 hours at 20 PSI for all fire hydrants
  • Reducing system vulnerability to seismic and other possible natural disasters
  • Ensuring all water quality and service regulatory requirements are met

The proceeds from this sale will mostly be used to replace the pool building, construction of which is hopefully to begin at the end of the summer season.

Member input

Your RESA Board is interested in hearing your opinion on this potential sale, the water system and firefighting improvements, and potential adverse consequences. A detailed (10-page) information packet, which includes SJWC planned improvements and maps, is available at the RESA office. The documents are also downloadable from the list below, or can be sent to you with a request to resaservice@comcast.net. The concerns we have heard so far relate to the potential adverse effects of the appearance of the tanks, the increase in noise from periodic testing of the emergency diesel generators, and the uncertainty of future actions by SJWC over which RESA has no control.

If you would like to express your opinion, a poll has been sent via USPS to all members. You can email your reply, drop it off at the RESA office, or mail it to the RESA office at P.O. Box 591, Redwood Estates CA, 95044.

You are invited to join us at our next board meeting on July 19 at 7:30 p.m. at the Redwood Estates Pavilion. It’s important that your opinions, concerns, and thoughts be heard.