November 18, 2020 Board Meeting Agenda

The next meeting of the board of directors will be on the usual third Wednesday of the month, November 18, 2020. This will be an in-person meeting at the Pavilion at Redwood Estates, so members attending are requested to wear masks and be appropriately distanced. The State of California and subsequently the County of Santa Clara updated their COVID-19 public health orders moving us into the more restrictive purple tier at midnight, November 17. Following this meeting we will consider returning to virtual board meetings should the county remain in that tier. The safety of the community is our top priority during these unusual times.

7:30     Determination of Quorum

7:35     Approval of Agenda

7:40     Approval of Minutes: October 21, 2020

7:45     President’s Report: President Rick Swayne

  • Horseshoe Pits
  • Pool shade structure          
  • Recording of Board meetings

8:00     Treasurer’s Report: David Hubbard 

8:15     FireWise Report: David Hubbard

8:30     Operations Manager’s Report: Jeff Bates

  • Office Manager’s Report – Mona Raby 

8:45     New Business/Public Comment 

  • Web submitted community questions

9:00     Old Business

  • Oneda Court Update

9:15    Adjourn